Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shisensho 1.6.0

This version of Shisensho adds two new features.
  1. Chinese localization for traditional (安智網中文化) and simplified (安智网汉化) Chinese by
  2. Disable the "Resume Game" option if there is not a game in progress

Monday, March 8, 2010

Shisensho 1.5.0

What's new?

I received several reports that the Droid doesn't have a trackball, and thus there was no way to enter high scores! This has been addressed. You can now use touch input on the high score screen.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Shisensho 1.4.0

  • Removed the "ok" button from the high score name input screen. Now when you press "end", it closes the window for you. Much more intuitive usage.
  • Added numbers to the high score name input screen.
Bug Fixes:
  • The path error has been fixed. If three tiles of the same type were next to each other, you could select "through" the middle tile as if it weren't there.
  • Fixed an issue when closing the game window (either from closing the app, returning to the main window, or closing the high score name input), the screen would often times take a "long time" to close, and in fact would sometimes take so long the OS would think the game had become unresponsive.
Known Issues:
  • I have occasionally seen (and one other person also reported this) where the game will show "no more moves", when in fact there ARE more moves. I am looking into it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shisensho 1.3

After a long pause, here is version 1.3.


The game has a 10x10 tileset - hopefully this will make all the "tiles are too small" folks a little happier. If it's STILL too small, i'll create an 8x8 tileset as well. At some point the tiles will be large enough for everyone (even though the larger the tiles the easier the game becomes, until at some point it's too easy).

Multiple High Scores Lists

This goes along with having multiple tilesets. Each tileset size has its own high score list.

Remaining Issues

  • There's still a pesky bug where you can erroniously select invalid tiles under certain conditions.
  • I'd like to take a final look and see if i can get the path algorithm just a wee bit faster on the slower phones.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shisensho 1.2

What's new in 1.2:
  • Resume game
  • Unlimited undo move
  • Better colors on the shapes&colors tileset
What's coming:
  • Bigger tiles
  • Path finding bug fix
  • Multiple high score lists

Monday, May 4, 2009

Shisensho 1.1

Important Note for users upgrading from v.1.0:

If you have created any shortcuts to the application, you must remove and then re-add them. I changed the default screen and any shortcuts you have will attempt to access the old screen first. This will crash the application.

Fixes and enhancements in v.1.1:

In this version I have made some bug fixes and enhancements.

  • There is a new main menu screen when first opening the app. By creating this screen and going back to it once a game is over it fixed some "state change" issues that would occasionally cause the game to get confused, freeze, and sometimes even crash.
  • The second largest complaint about the previous version is that when you tapped on the screen, it wouldn't select where you tap. This was by design. However, very few people seemed to like this. I did it in order to allow the user to see what they were selecting instead of having to guess. By popular demand, i have create a new preference that will allow you to choose what gets selected when you tap (i.e. tap calibration). Either it can select right where you tap, or above where you tap. Hopefully everyone will be happy now. :)

What's coming in version 1.2?

  • In the next version I plan to address the largest complaint: the tiles are too small. I will have an option to have a smaller board (8 by 8 perhaps), thus resulting in larger tiles that are easier to see and easier to select.
  • There is also one outstanding bug of which i am aware. If two identical tiles are adjacent to each other and you could normally select the "outer" tile, you can also select the "inner" tile (a move which should be illegal). It's just a simple check i need to add to the path searching algorithm.
  • I've also had a request to be able to undo moves. I'm planning to add this as well. I just have to consider the ramifications (if any) to the high score if you've "undone" anything.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to post replies here or in the Android market.